International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
All interstate and inter-jurisdictional carriers that travel in IFTA member jurisdictions with a qualified motor vehicle must file fuel taxes through the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). IFTA member jurisdictions include all contiguous states (except Alaska and the District of Columbia) and Canadian provinces (except Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and the Yukon Territory) Click here to begin Click here to begin

A "qualified motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle used, designed, or maintained for the transportation of persons or property and:
  • Has two axles and a gross vehicle weight or registered weight exceeding 26,000 pounds or 11,797 kilograms;
  • Has three or more axles regardless of weight;
  • Used in combination when the weight of such combination exceeds 26,000 pounds or 11,797 kilograms gross vehicle weight, or registered gross vehicle weight.
  • Qualified motor vehicle does not include recreational vehicles and vehicles owned by the U.S. Government.
FAQ on International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA):