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General FAQs
What is the definition of Commercial Motor Vehicle?
A commercial vehicle is a type of motor vehicle that may be used for transporting goods or passengers.

When do I need USDOT number or GADOT number? How do I get one?
If you operate a truck for business purposes with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) or a truck and trailer with a gross combination vehicle weight rating (GCWR) of 10,001 lbs. or more, you need a USDOT number. You can receive your USDOT number immediately by registering online with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's On-line Registration and Licensing System.
Operating Authority
I have purchased a bus or truck, what do I need to do before I start operating?
Any person transporting property or passengers for hire within the state of Georgia is required to complete an application to register and receive authority.

What do I need to do before I could lease my vehicles to a motor carrier?
When the vehicle is leased, the lessee (motor carrier) is considered the operator of the vehicle. The lease should include the facts that the leased equipment is to be used solely by the lessee during the time of the lease and that the lessee controls the operation of the equipment including licensing, markings, insurance coverage, drivers, drivers' qualifications, drivers' hours of service and all related items to the same extent as if the lessee was the actual owner of the vehicle.

The lessee must accept responsibility to the public for any injury caused in the operation of leased equipment during the time of the lease, display appropriate vehicle markings and shall maintain and operate the leased equipment in accordance with state rules and regulations. When the lease is terminated, the lessee markings must be removed or done away with and the lease removed from the vehicle.
International Registration Plan (IRP)
Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
When do I need to register for UCR?
The Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Program requires individuals and companies that operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate or international commerce to register their business with Georgia Department of Revenue and pay an annual fee based on the size of their fleet. Companies operating solely as brokers, freight forwarders or leasing companies are also required to register and pay a fee of $39.00.
Trip Permits
When do I need IRP Trip Permit?
When do I need Motor Fuel Use Tax Permits?
When do I need Hunter’s Permit?

When do I need IRP Trip Permit?
A 72-hour Trip Permit is required for the following out-of-state based vehicles that meet the requirements for apportionment: those with current non-apportioned tags, and those with IRP tags not apportioned for Georgia.

The Permit must be secured prior to entry and must remain with the vehicle while in the state. A duplicate or photocopy is not acceptable.

A Trip Permit for traveling into Georgia will be available online for a fee of $30.00 and allows interstate and intrastate operation in Georgia.

Georgia-based carriers, who are not apportioned to travel in another IRP state, but wish to do so, must contact that state or the wire services to obtain any needed Trip Permit and information on other requirements of operation. If not apportioned for it before entering any other IRP member state, a Trip Permit must be secured and carried in the cab of the vehicle for which issued or the vehicle may be subject to full registration fees in that state and /or fined. Georgia does not sell trip permits to Georgia-based carriers.

When do I need Motor Fuel Use Tax Permits?
If you need to travel out-of-state before you receive your IFTA credentials, you must purchase fuel trip permits to travel in IFTA jurisdictions and for your reentry into Georgia. Your Georgia Motor Fuel Use Tax Permit must be purchased and validated before you reenter the state. A 10-day Motor Fuel Use Tax Permit will be available online for a fee of $16.00.

When do I need Hunter’s Permit?
Georgia based owner-operator who was previously leased to a motor carrier and whose current year tag was in the carrier’s name but is no longer leased to them, and as a result has no IRP registration. This permit allows an operator to move his empty vehicle from place to place, as needed, in looking for employment.

This permit is valid for seven (7) days for a fee of $30.00 and will be available online. The original Unladen Vehicle Registration- Hunter Permit must be carried in the vehicle described and a duplicate or photocopy is not acceptable.

Georgia will recognize a valid Unladen Vehicle Registration-Hunter Permit issued by another state and allow travel in this state without the purchase of a Georgia Unladen Vehicle Registration -Hunter Permit. Other states will recognize a valid Georgia Unladen Vehicle Registration- Hunter Permit.